Поликарпенко Владимир / POLI

Country: Town: Турин Gender: Male

Nickname: Poli
Date of Birth:9 June 1972
Height: 1.84m
Weight: 74kg
Current training location: Turin, Italy
Favourite ITU Race & why: Cancun, love its extremely hot conditions.
First Triathlon and reason: 1993- wanted to challenge my sports limits as an ex-swimmer
Proudest Moment: Birth of my two sons and second place in the 2006 World Cup series
Most influential persons in sporting career: Family and rivals
Profession: Triathlete,coach
Education: Zaporozhye State University, Physiotherapy and Zaporozhye Technical University, Electronics engineering
Language(s): Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian
Biggest Obstacle Overcome in Life: Receiving numerous visas to travel to the races ;O)