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1. User has no right to insult other members of the community, to use his statements foul language, to show disrespect to other community members (forbidden any manifestation of rudeness, threats, personal insults and obscene statements (including, in a veiled form in hidden form) in respect of legal, and specific individuals).

2. The user is forbidden to site content that may offend other users and the community, as well as the content (whether video, text or photos) with scenes of violence, pornography, extremist content. Such content will be removed immediately, and the user account is locked.

3. If the user posting the content, not its author, it must provide a link to the author, otherwise you do not have the right to publish this content.

4. User is prohibited from distribution of unlicensed software or any of its parts, as well as programs to hack, keys, etc.

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7. Forbidden to publicly discuss and make claims of the administration of the resource. If there is a dispute, then the user must contact the administration via the feedback form, or call in a consultant to resolve the issues.